Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Women’s Health

Supporting women before, during, and after pregnancy or surgery

Helping Women Enjoy Sex
and Get Back to Doing the Activities They Love

Who I Help

The Pelvic Advantage provides pelvic floor physical therapy, women’s health education, and resources for:

Women experiencing or recovering from

  • Bowel or Bladder Issues
  • Painful Sex
  • Pelvic Floor Pain
  • Pre/Post Hysterectomy
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Pre/Post Cancer Treatment
  • Lack of Pelvic Connection

Clinicians looking to improve their women’s health-focused medical care by:

  • Helping women experiencing or recovering from the above issues
  • How to see incredible results with pelvic floor examinations and treatment
  • The Pelvic Advantage PRAG methodology
    • Pelvis
    • Ribs
    • Abdomen
    • Glutes

Learn How to Eliminate Women’s Health Issues
(Don’t Just “Deal With Them”)

What I Help With

The Pelvic Advantage provides relief from women’s health issues and education for:



The discomfort and embarrassment of not being able to run, jump, cough or sneeze without leaking. Or feeling concerned everytime you leave your house that there may not be a bathroom nearby; having to map out where the bathrooms are in relation to where you’re going

Pelvic Floor Pain

The inability to fully enjoy activities due to the constant hum of discomfort or chronic pain in your vaginal or rectal regions.


A lack of confidence in standing or sitting, or the inability to successfully use tampons because of the pressure and pain of prolapsed tissue(s).

Pre/Post Hysterectomy

Fear of pain, central weakness, and hormonal imbalances after feminine organs have been removed from your body.

Pre/Post Cancer Treatment

Feeling limited by scar tissue and pain associated with the medical treatments of cancer.

Diastastic Recti

Feeling the lack of central core control with normal daily activities and exercises. Noting a lower tummy pooch or excessive skin due to lack of abdominal wall integrity. The presence of a hernia because your abdominals are not supporting your internal organs.

Pelvic Connection

Improve your relationship with the muscles of your pelvis and pelvic floor via skilled guidance surrounding your physical, emotional, and/or spiritual self. Learn about the power of your breath, posture, and movement as they relate to your pelvic floor muscle use.


External PRAG Approach

Learn about the specific connection that the pelvis, ribs, abdominals and gluteals (PRAGl tissues have with pelvic floor health. Discern the root cause of women’s health and pelvic floor issues, as it relates to PRAG.


Examine and treat stress incontinence and urge incontinence as it relates to your client’s functional goals of running, jumping, sneezing, coughing without leakage or the need to wear a pad. Learn the importance of pelvic floor excursion and breath work with bowel and bladder control. Understand the relationship between pelvic floor tension and leakage. Internal and external treatments.

Pelvic Floor Pain

Learn the role that pelvic floor tension plays in tissue tenderness. Examine and treat the pelvic floor as it relates to PRAG tissues to support pelvic floor health. Acquire the skills to use and teach your clients to use pelvic wands and dilators to support individual pelvic floor care. Acquire the skills to support diaphragmatic breathing to lengthen pelvic floor tissues and decrease pain. Internal and external treatments.


Be able to confidently examine and grade the level of organ descension in your client’s prolapsed tissue. Know how to teach your clients how to support their prolapsed tissues, by strengthening the pelvic floor and PRAG tissues. Internal and external treatments.

Pre/Post Hysterectomy

Acquire the knowledge of the different hysterectomy procedures and how they affect the pelvic floor tissues. Learn how to sequence PRAG and pelvic floor tissues to support the removal of feminine organs. Internal and external treatments.

Pre/Post Cancer Treatment

Improve tissue health and blood flow following chemotherapy/radiation, with manual massage techniques. Perform therapeutic scar mobilization to limit scar tissue formation after surgery and improve limb range of motion. Provide soft tissue and visceral massage to support whole-body healing following your client’s cancer treatments.

Diastasis Recti

Learn how to confidently examine the width and depth of abdominal separation in your clients. Become aware of the role of the transverse abdominis tissue in deep core activation/control in support of superficial tissue approximation.

Internal Pelvic Floor

Acquire the knowledge of the three tissue layers of the pelvic floor muscles, and their role in the female body. Learn how to examine and treat the vaginal and rectal tissues with the use of your finger, wands, and/or dilators as needed. Be able to detect and treat tissue integrity, tissue excursion, pulse,and viscosity.

How I Help

The Pelvic Advantage directly addresses common women’s health issues that often get overlooked as “normal suffering”


Become aware of the impact of your daily posture

Connect to your pelvic floor tissues

Take control of your bowel and bladder function

Improve your sex life

Eliminate pelvic floor pain

Strengthen central core control via the PRAG Approach


Increase your ability to mitigate or eliminate issues affecting the pelvic floor and surrounding tissues and how to improve their function.

Apply the PRAG Approach to improve central core control

Internally and externally examine and treat the pelvic floor in women

Examine and treat the pelvic floor space for prolapse

Guide women to no longer having stress and/or urge incontinence

Support women pre/post hysterectomy

Support women pre/post cancer treatment of the breasts and/or reproductive organs

“Feeling in control of my abdominals and pelvic floor muscles has helped me feel confident in myself as a woman.”

Kelsey P – Client

“You helped me connect to my body in a way that I have never done before! I was able to feel relaxed and pain free for the first time!”

Molly S – Client

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